~ Kimino na Hime SAKURA~

Play With(Time to play…)

Kimino na Hime included that SPECIAL QR CODE voice narration guidance of introduction of product, how to use and PLAY WITH YOU from Kimino na Hime SAKURA!!

Sense of Touch ★★★★★
Super thick fleshiness and increased durability

Pleasurable Entrance ★★★★★
Slip into the tight, plump thickness and softness of the virtual vacuum enchanted hole.

The Central Portion ★★★★★
Mixing, tightening, rubbing, stroking, and pressing. The special structure developed by engineers delivers an incredible sensual sensation.

The Deepest Part ★★★★★
The softness delivers a waving sensation to the penis head. Firmly tightens and gently clings to your penis.

~ Super High Thickness ~

  1. Super fleshy natural pressure.
  2. Amazing suction and stimulation experience.
  3. Sucking, tightening and natural fitting.
  4. Premium Pleasure and incredible sensual sensation.
The special structure developed by engineers delivers an incredible sensual sensation. Enjoy the best sexual experience you’ve ever had on your own…

Brief introduction of product

Hi there, my name is Sakura. I am a sweet Japanese girl and only 20 years old. I have a unique internal structure that will give you an amazing suction and stimulation experience.
R you ready??

● My sensitive hole has a high-quality silicon valve that creates a virtual vacuum inside and delivers an amazing sucking sensation

● My specially designed pussy gives you several sensations such as sucking, tightening and natural fitting.

● The softness of my pussy stimulates your gland sensuously and gently

● My pussy clings tightly but gently to your excited penis
I invite you to enjoy the best sexual experience that you’ve ever had on your own.

How to use me

Now I would like to explain how to get the most pleasure out of my sensitive and super soft pussy:

● Firstly, spread lubricant on the insertion hole. The point of insertion is smooth, soft, and gentle and will give you a sensational feeling as you slide inside me. Once you have entered my tight pussy, you will experience a soft, gentle feeling.

● After you are inside me, hold my pussy and move your hand to feel a variety of sensations. My special structure, designed by Japanese engineers, provides an incredibly sensual feeling.

● Once in my hole, the lubricant will not leak because unlike other designs my hole does not penetrate all the way through.

● My pussy is stylish and compact so you can bring me anywhere you like. I’m also super easy to clean. Just turn the valve over and wash me under running water.

RQS Co., Ltd.

Company profile

RQS Co., Ltd. Is a leading adult brand company in Japan.
Currently, we are accelerating overseas expansion widely in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia.

RQS Vison

~「Stand Close for your Sexual Wellness」 ~

RQS Mission

RQS aims to enrich the sex life around the world through RQS products.
Worldwide, Japan has many closed parts regarding sex, and knowledge about healthy sex is considerably delayed. As a result, the importance of contraceptive devices is also lagging and behind.
RQS will support these issues from a variety of perspectives through the sale of adult goods and will enrich the sex life around the world.
We will also actively collaborate with related brands / companies in Japan and overseas,
We will develop the RQS brand worldwide.

Company Name : RQS Co., Ltd.
Establishment : 1st December 2012
Brand : RQS (Registered trademark)